Australian Theatre

Australian Theatre is popular past time in the country, fusing together the theatrics and drama of historic Australian ceremonies with Western theatrics for a unique take on the arts. During early Western history, Australian theatre linked itself with traditions from English and Irish literature, intertwining it with their own culture.

Many great names have contributed to Australian theatre. Sir Robert Helpmann, a ballet expert and Dame Joan Sutherland, of opera fame, have both had a prominent position in the theatre and arts community in Australia. The country has two prominent institutions that teach theatre. They are the Sydney Opera House and the National Institute of Dramatic Art, a school that has several famous graduates, including Cate Blanchett and Baz Luhrmann who now make the3ir mark at the country’s best lytric theatres.

Australian theatre performances wouldn’t be complete without the theatres themselves. Grand architecture and rich history is prominent throughout the country. Theatre Royal, located in Hobart, was built in 1837 and is the oldest theatre in Australia. The Melbourne Athenaeum opened in 1839. Many great performers have graces the theatre’s stage. Mark Twain and Barry Humphries are just two names from a long list. More recently, the Melbourne Arts Centre was opened. It was dedicated in 1982 after more than a decade of planning and constructing. Today, the centre has regular performances not only from the Melbourne Theatre Company, but also from the Australian Ballet and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Another theatre that is popular with Australians is the Adelaide Festival Centre. The centre houses theatre, opera and orchestras in the South Australia area. Each major city in Australia has at least one theatre, as theatre is truly a passion in the country. Check out for more info on venues