Playhouse Melbourne

The Playhouse is a lush, 884 seat theatre located in within Melbournes’ Arts Centre. The Arts Centre is the cultural heart of Melbournes’ thriving arts scene, bringing together all forms of the performing arts within its sprawling campus. The best of Australian and international artists, across all mediums, are celebrated and experienced in these impressive venues. The venues can accommodate artist galleries, traveling theatres, and musical acts. In addition, The Arts Centre serves as a point of collaboration and the fostering of artistic expression.

Located just underneath the iconic spire in the Theatres Building, the Playhouse theatre boasts multilevel, stadium seating and orchestra level seating, rich burgundy coloring, and inspiring acoustics. The theatre is ideal for a wide range of performances including dance companies, orchestras, and operas, but was designed specifically to give the audience the perfect drama viewing experience. The Playhouse is also home to an impressive collection of striking Aboriginal art. This critically acclaimed collection can be found in the room adjacent to the theatre.

The Arts Centre’s focus on both the performers and the audience, its artist advocacy work and fostering of creative environments, make it a well-loved performing space for artists. Actors, musicians and dancers alike can appreciate the supportive nature of the venue.

The Playhouse shares a building with neighboring Fairfax Studio and State Theatre. The smaller Fairfax Studio hosts the Melbourne Theatre Company but also serves an important niche, creating opportunity for smaller companies to showcase their plays and experimental works. The larger State Theatre is decorated with impressive, ornate domes and has hosted renowned artists such as Australia’s national opera and ballet company.

The Playhouse is conveniently located off of Kilda Road, just a short distance to the Australian Ballet Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria. It is also easily accessible to downtown Melbourne, making it the perfect location for a culturally rich evening.